Podcast: Faareen sits down with Ross Birkbeck

Ross Birkbeck recently featured on the Latest Law Simplified podcast. The episode is now available on Spotify, where you can tune in to discover more about recent updates in legal tech, tax law and Ross’ journey to the bar and beyond.


Special thanks to Faareen Ali for hosting a fantastic podcast!


Podcast: Starting a LegalTech in the UK

Ross spoke to Fintech: Byte-Sized about finding himself as a legaltech entrepreneur when he was actually looking to become a barrister.


“My inspiration for Casedo came from both my needs as a lawyer and from my experience of comparable software as a video editor” In his journey from video editing to law, Ross realised he was lacking a legal toolkit comparable to that available to him in the audiovisual world. So he created one, and Casedo was born.

Tune in to this episode to find out his path to date and how a video editor becomes a lawyer and start-up founder. The most important takeaway from this podcast: it takes all sorts to make the (LegalTech) world!