Casedo v1.9 Release Announcement

Casedo v1.9 Beta Release Announcement

UPDATE 2023.03.17 - Though many of our current users have switched to Casedo v1.9 without issue, we have found several low risk bugs in the software which we think need to be fixed before this version becomes the standard release. We've therefore taken the difficult decision to put this version back into beta. If you'd like to try Casedo v1.9.0 you can download the Mac version here or download the Windows version here.


Following on from the additional colour-tagging options in the last upgrade, Casedo is delighted to announce the release of the latest software upgrade. Casedo version 1.9 offers our customers four distinct new features which each add a new element to the already feature-rich toolset.


Export individual folders and documents

Casedo has been the go-to bundling tool for many lawyers for several years, and whilst the options for exporting an entire case are strong, including complex pagination features and feature-rich Table of Contents, until now there has been some frustration at the inability to export individual files and folders without mucking about with the Index first. You no longer need to - now your can simply right click on a document or folder (in the Index or the Desk Space) and export it as you would a bundle. For more information read this article.


Casedo Casefile lock to prevent opening of a Casefile by more than one user at a time, when saved on shared storage

Most of us have more that one computer, perhaps using a desktop at work and a laptop the rest of the time. We understand this, we're happy for licence holders to have Casedo installed on more than one computer (see the EULA for details). The convenient way to work with this set up is to save your Casedo casefiles in shared folders using services such as OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, or on bespoke in-company systems.

This works well if you're the only one working on a casefile. However, until now it has been trickier with multiple users as there has been no way to know if the Casedo casefile is in use by a team member or assistant. This can lead Casedo to making multiple cloned copies of the same casefile.

To overcome this we have created a lock system that prevents a Casedo casefile being opened by more than one user concurrently, and which tells the locked-out user who is currently using the casefile. Implementation of this has necessitated a slightly different experience when Casedo is opened for the first time after installation, users now need to add contact details. To know how this new feature works in more detail read this article, and to find out how 'opening Casedo for the first time' has changed, read this.


Import failure warning

Sometimes documents won't import into Casedo as expected. Sometimes Casedo doesn't recognise the file. Whilst there are workarounds for PDFs and Word Documents, it would be great to know when this occurs, especially if you are importing multiple documents at a time. Casedo v1.9 includes a failed-to-import notification so that you know when this has happened and can take steps to fix it. For more information, take a look at this article.


Undo for moving documents in the Index and Desk Space

Whilst to date annotations can be added and removed in Casedo, mistaken movement in the Index and Desk Space on the left hand side of the Casedo workspace could not. We've now added CTRL+Z (Windows) / CMD+Z (Mac) to undo up to five movement actions in both the Index and Desk Space. This is a huge help when you accidently move a folder full of documents to the wrong place! For more information, read this.


Casedo v1.9

We feel that the above four features add substantially to Casedo's overall offer - helping people manage multiple documents in a single space, enabling them to organise, annotate, think, advise and pick up where they left off simply and easily. In addition to these obvious changes, we have improved some back end processes. This includes the basic importing feature, which is continually improving, thanks to diligent users sharing their failed document imports with us to fix.

For further details, take a look at the Release Notes.

Casedo v1.8 Release Announcement

Casedo is delighted to announce the launch of their latest software update. With Casedo version 1.8, our customers now have more colour options to highlights and tags, as well as the ability to set the pagination start page.


More Colour Options

We all love adding some colour to our lives. Many of us find that marking our documents helps us understand the information better. Your brain can’t store or recall a lot of information at once. Instead, it needs cues of what’s essential. Highlights are the best way to read and annotate your documents. By annotating the information into different colours, you can learn and recall information much faster.

With v1.8, there are now up to seven colours to highlight your text and tag your documents. That's almost more than twice as many colours as before! Colour tagging and highlighting colours now also match. Want to introduce some colour into your case? Get Casedo.

Before you DOWNLOAD the latest version and start exploring, there’s more.


Pagination Start Page

We understand that sometimes you may or may not have to count the table of contents into your page count in legal practice. Casedo now offers you the ability to choose what suits you best. With v1.8, you can set your pagination start page however you want. You can now include your table of contents into your pagination or start from any other number, for that matter!

Why not take a look at our support article on how to do this? Click HERE for more information.


Improved Welcome Screen

We improved our welcome screen for the new licenses. It is now much improved and clearer.

For more details, take a look at the Release Notes.


Casedo v1.7 Release Announcement

Innovative case preparation tool and e-bundling platform, Casedo, is delighted to announce the launch of their latest software update. With Casedo version 1.7, solicitors and barristers can easily import emails and their attachments into a Casedo file and organise their case analysis using improved colour coding of folders, documents, and bookmarks.


Nested Emails

We have all been in the position when an instructing client or solicitor sends a wealth of resources for you in one email. Within that email, there are historic emails each with their own vast array of attachments. It can be a maze to negotiate and before you know it, you’ve lost hours making sense of a constant parade of emails and attachments. It can be confusing, time consuming and above all it is costing you time and money.

No more.

With Casedo 1.7, you can import the original email and all email, PDF and document attachments will also be imported.

Before you DOWNLOAD the latest version and start exploring, there’s more.


It’s like a rainbow

For those of you who like to inject a little colour into your cases, in addition to the colourful highlight options, you can now colour code your documents, bookmarks and folders. Some of our dedicated users who have trialled version 1.7 for us have used the colour coding differently. One colour for witness statements, another for letters and some used the colours to highlight what evidential documents support the client’s position, which are neutral, and which refute their position. Want to introduce some colour into your case? Get Casedo.


“Nested emails are the bane of my professional existence and personally, I have already saved so much time and effort using version 1.7 and the colour coding has been a huge advantage too. I am so glad to share our time saving innovations with our users and the wider legal community”

Ross Birkbeck, Founder of Casedo and Barrister.


All Casedo software updates, including Version 1.7, are included within annual and monthly subscriptions.


Why not read more about this on Legal Futures? Click HERE for more.


Casedo extends free trial period

Press Release 16.03.21

Casedo, the innovative document workplace for the legal profession, has increased the period of their free trial by 200%.

You can now benefit from all the amazing features for a period of 30 days. The free trial provides full access to Casedo software and all the innovative features contained within. You can import word documents and pdfs, organise and build your case, annotate your case with bookmarks, cross links and comments and when you’re ready, add an automatically generated table of contents and create a fully hyperlinked e-bundle at the touch of a button. With Casedo, there is no limit to how many cases or e-bundles you can create during the free trial period.

“It’s been a tough year for many chambers and law firms alike, so I wanted to extend the free trial period to allow my colleagues within the profession to benefit from Casedo to work more efficiently and easily comply with court e-bundling requirements” Ross Birkbeck, Barrister and Founder of Casedo.

Unlike some free trials, there is absolutely no risk and no need to provide debit or credit card details to get started. You can try the software safe in the knowledge that you will not be charged until you actively opt to purchase a license.

Interested in giving Casedo a try? Click here to enter your details and obtain your bespoke license key to get started. The next step is to download the software for either your Mac or Windows system and save the Casedo software locally. In practice, this means that you can create cases safe in the knowledge that only you have access to your case information or data and that your own GDPR compliance is not compromised.


All free trials will benefit from access to a bespoke demonstration, a suite of know how videos and articles and the support of the dedicated Casedo team.


Why not read more about this on Legal Futures? Click HERE for more.


Casedo v1.6 Release Announcement

Casedo is delighted to launch it’s first software update of 2021 to the Casedo community and the wider legal world.


Casedo version 1.6 introduces the following much requested features:

  • The ability to rotate individual pages and whole documents
  • You can now delete individual pages with ease
  • When exporting to PDF the Table of Contents will be hyperlinked to the relevant documents, in accordance with standard Court directions
  • The power to multi-select documents


We have also increased loading speeds again, and squished some bugs.

“The Casedo Community is at the heart of all our software development, as we work collaboratively to make their professional lives easier. As the founder and designer, I am delighted to share the new version which includes some simple but hugely time saving improvements.”

Ross Birkbeck, Founder of Casedo and Barrister.


You can see Ross demonstrating the features (in just 90 seconds) HERE.

All Casedo software updates, including Version 1.6, are included within annual and monthly subscriptions.

Why not read more about this on Legal Futures? Click HERE for more.


A look back to 2020: Casedo Highlights

2020 was an unprecedented year for everyone but especially the legaltech industry, with legal departments rapidly re-imagining their operations to embrace the digital era. Milad Shojaei looks back on a year we're all bound to remember.

Fortunately, Casedo is in the business of change. Our ability to observe market trends and recognise growing expectations from legal practitioners placed us in a favourable position when the pandemic struck. Before predicting what will change in 2021, let's look back at Casedo's highlights in 2020.


Webinars, seminars and workshops

In early 2020, Ross and Milad wrapped up their 'How to be a paperless lawyer' seminar series at London's top law schools. On the 10th February, they championed the legal profession's digital revolution to law students at SOAS. On the 27th February, they visited UCL, encouraging students to stay ahead of the curve by getting to grips with the latest technical developments.

In April we were delighted to feature Rhys Taylor from the 36 Group in our weekly webinar series. Ross & Rhys explored Casedo's practicalities for family practitioners at the Bar and offered exciting new features designed for family barristers.

We also hosted a student webinar where Gizem interviewed Ross on how a law student could make the most out of digital tools and especially Casedo.

More recently, Milad led a webinar on strategies for academic writing with the UCL Fintech Society, exploring how students can ace their dissertations & research-based projects with advanced technical skills.



Our founder and CEO, Ross, featured in two exciting podcasts in 2020. On the 18th November he spoke to Fintech: Byte-Sized about his journey as a legal tech pioneer and how his background as a video editor inspired Casedo.

On the 23rd November, he appeared on the Law Simplified podcast, discussing recent updates in lawtech and was put through his paces during a quick fire round on tax law.


Transforming the mooting landscape

We took our relationship with UCL to the next level in 2020, partnering with the UCL Law Society and sponsoring the Herbert Smith Freehills Junior Mooting Competition. Mooting was especially difficult in 2020, and we were thrilled to help transform the mooting landscape. Our student licenses assisted 239 aspiring lawyers work faster, smarter and more innovatively. The competition operated solely on Casedo and we were honoured to have Lord Carnwath adjudicate the finals.

Congratulations again to Aishwarya Shaji on her success as a finalist. Be sure to check out her interview with Milad as shares her experience mooting paperlessly during a challenging year.


Sponsoring UCL Fintech Society

In September 2020 we kicked off the academic year with an exciting new sponsorship. The UCL Fintech Society is the largest of its kind in Europe, and we have collaborated with them on events and panels to demonstrate Casedo's practicalities beyond the legal world. On 30th November, Ross showcased Casedo at their Adapt LegalTech Conference. We look forward to future events in 2021.


London Legal Walk

On the 5th October, the Casedo team participated in the annual London Legal Walk, raising money for London's free legal advice charities. Taking part in this year's 10km challenge was particularly important for us as the need for free legal advice services has increased, and the global crisis continues to disproportionately impact the disadvantaged and vulnerable. Due to social distancing complications, we all got involved in our own safe ways. It was great to share our passion for free legal advice with 4,500 other participants, raising a whopping £530,000!


Casedo Development

The disruption in 2020 allowed us to devote more time to engagement with the Casedo Community in order to enhance Casedo and its functionality. We are indebted to our users for their insight and ideas. Over the course of the year, we released six updates of casedo each boasting new features ranging from optical character recognition and go to page, to table of contents generation and increased speed. The most up to date version, Casedo v1.5, is 120% faster at importing documents, 50% faster at scrolling and switching between documents and 30% faster at searching. You can read more about the evolution of Casedo here. You will be glad to know that we are working on another update and look forward to launching this in 2021.


Our predictions for 2021

If 2020 taught us anything, it is that lawyers will not disappear any time soon. Still, the paper based methods of working will gradually dispel in favour of digital tools, investment in technology and better ways of working. Innovation will continue to play a pivotal role in our professional and personal lives, perhaps now more so than ever before.


A maturing market

The legal tech industry experienced an upheaval in 2020, accelerated by the abrupt transition to remote and digital practice. Now that most legal professionals have taken the first steps towards the new normal engagement with technology, we can expect a maturing market that continues to experiment, invest and accept the advantages of paperless workstations and digital tools. However, adoption is still slow. Tech-incubators and significant investment are crucial to reinvigorating the market. The momentum in legal technology from 2020 should achieve meaningful change in 2021.


Smaller tech start-ups

As the global crisis expands the demand for digital solutions, lawtech start-ups have been quick to deliver. 2020 marked a record-breaking year for lawtech start-up investment. Revised business models and capabilities have suited the cutting-edge technologies that tech start-ups have to offer. Given the accelerated growth of technology, coupled with a maturing market, we anticipate new investment records in lawtech start-ups.


Law firms driving progress

Lawtech will also level the playing field for the anticipated flood of new smaller law firms in 2021. As digital solutions simplify the delivery of legal services, we anticipate that lawyers will embark on new risks on their own, equipped with the latest technology.


Legal-tech education

As more universities offer interdisciplinary options that intertwine law and technology, we can expect disruptive impacts in 2021 and beyond. Law graduates are often considered to be ill-prepared for legal work today and beyond. Given the tremendous advances in the legal sector in 2020, more law schools, employers and graduates will realise the necessity of adapting to changing tides in the law and recognise how important it is to integrate technological competence at undergraduate level.


Developments in Artificial Intelligence

Like most people in the technology industry, we too find developments in Artificial Intelligence exciting. Although 2021 may not be the year when AI takes over the law, there will still be cutting edge applications into the market given the tremendous potential for improved efficiency. Nonetheless, AI will always need human intelligence to yield meaningful results and training from multidisciplinary teams of technology experts and lawyers . The legal industry will undoubtedly begin to embrace bolder technologies as it prepares for potential expansions, and we may see inspiring AI offerings in 2021. We hope to see new technological breakthroughs; raised awareness behind digital solutions; advantages of data-analytics and the development of powerful lawtech tools.

No one expected the changes we observed in 2020. If we all choose to work collaboratively, 2021 could be even more surprising and feature more opportunities.


Why not read more about this on Legal Futures? Click HERE for more.

Casedo v1.5 Release Announcement

We're delighted to announce the release of the latest version of Casedo.


Casedo v1.5 is a technical release that provides markedly improved speed and greater user support.


Improved Speed

With the new Casedo v.1.5, we've not only added some exciting features, but we've also increased the speed of the application significantly.

Upgrading to Casedo v1.5 nets you an average of:

120% faster importing documents
50% faster scrolling and switching between documents
30% faster search


Better user support

We've added a new feature called 'Application Data' located in the 'Help' menu. Using this feature you can:

  • Check your license key and registered email details
  • Reset your user data
  • Email your user data to the Casedo team so that we can better assist you with any issues you might be experiencing.  As laid out in HERE, we have no access to the data within your documents, only personal data pertinent to being able to contact you and identify you as a legitimate user of our software. We also collect anonimised user data.

For more information on how this feature works, follow this link.

Casedo Launches Version 1.1.0

We are proud to announce the launch of the latest version of our software. Ever since we released the full version back in September, we have been hard at work making improvements and adding new features — making Casedo the best it can be for our users.


Ross, the creator of Casedo, came up with the concept when he switched professions from video editor to barrister. Accustomed to being able to simultaneously manipulate many files, Ross was shocked to discover that there wasn’t a tool when it came to working on all the documents he managed during a case. So he came up with a solution. Designed to make sure that people could work digitally the same way they would on paper, Casedo is now being used in more than 100 law chambers and firms across the UK.


The most notable new feature for this latest version of the software is, without a doubt, the OCR function. Our customer research and feedback showed that this was by far the most requested feature. So we provided it. Casedo 1.1.0 now has a built-in OCR feature — at no extra cost. This will allow our users to import scanned documents to their Casefiles, run the OCR, and highlight, comment, annotate and search directly onto the document in question. We believe it to be one of the most useful updates to date, and gets us that much closer to more lawyers working paperlessly.


We have also been working to improve the existing features of Casedo, namely the ability to import previous legal research into new Casefiles. It’s now easier than ever to use your legal research and analysis across different matters of a similar nature — saving you time and energy.


If you’re ready to embrace working paperlessly, or you’re simply looking for a better way of working, why not try Casedo for 30 days for free? If you’ve already joined us, but you’re looking to use Casedo to its fullest potential, we also offer free demos — book one here.