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Casedo v1.10 Release Announcement

Casedo v1.10 doubles the number of file types that can be directly imported into the app and adds the Split Document by Bookmarks feature which allows bundles and meeting packs prepared as single PDFs to be broken down to their constituent parts with a single click.

Alongside various tweaks and UI improvements the extra file types and new main feature improve further the workflow benefits of using Casedo. For further details and to download the current version go to the downloads page. If you’re upgrading from an existing version of Casedo, you can follow the instructions and download the new version by going to how to upgrade to the latest Casedo.

Directly below is a recording of a briefing hosted by Ross Birkbeck which covers the core features of the new build. After that there is a breakdown of the features.

Split Document by Bookmarks

Many of our users are delivered on occasion pre-prepared ebundles and meeting packs that they need to break up for a variety of reasons. It could be because they need to add late submissions or because they need to reorganise papers such that they can do analysis and mark-up better. With a single click this feature completes in several minutes what might take several hours manually.

Graphic of the Casedo UI showing the Split Documents by Bookmark feature

When selected Casedo will create a new folder with the same name as the document, and then look for existing bookmarks.

  1. The first top tier bookmark on any page will become a new document (other top tier bookmarks on that page will remain the same)
  2. Second tier bookmarks will be promoted to top tier, third tier bookmarks to second tier and so on.

Before and after comparison of the Split Document by Bookmarks feature

If you want to see how this is feature works, take a look at one of the two videos below. The one on the right is an extended version that shows how to take the resulting collection of documents and reorganise them into a better whole, adding pagination and a table of contents.

Added file type import

To date Casedo is able to directly import PDFs (.pdf), Word documents (.doc & .docx), emails (.msg & .eml) and other Casedo casefiles (.case) directly into the desk space. Other file formats, including images needed to be saved as PDFs before they could be imported into Word.

This is no longer the case, Casedo v1.10 now allows the direct import of images (.png & .jpg/.jpeg) and text files (.txt & .rtf).

graphic illustrating file types that can be imported into casedo

With images, Casedo renders them onto a PDF A4 page and adds the file name as imported. With the txt files, Casedo takes the information given and renders it as a searchable PDF document. It should be noted that there is a known issue with the import of RTF files, more detail on this can be found in the Release Notes.

Other changes to Casedo

As noted in the Release Notes, there are other changes to the Casedo application in the new version.

  1. The Print option has been removed, leaving the Export Case to PDF feature. User feedback noted that the former was little used whilst the latter achieved both requirements. We felt having a single option added clarity to the application.
  2. The Undo Last Move feature keyboard shortcut has been changed from CTRL+Z (CMD+Z on Mac) to CTRL+SHIFT+Z (CMD+SHIFT+Z on Mac), this was done, again in response to user feedback, to lessen any confusion between Casedo’s Undo Last Move functionality and a generic Undo feature.
  3. Added View menu. We have added a new main menu, View, to give users another way to access the zoom and search functionalities and to make clear the keyboard shortcuts for those items.

Casedo v1.9 Release Announcement

Casedo v1.9 Release Announcement

UPDATE 2023.11.01 - We have taken the decision to take this version out of Beta as there remains a single issue affecting a low percentage of Windows users. The issue is not catastrophic and involves exporting to PDF. We believe the issue has been fixed, see the Release Notes for details.


UPDATE 2023.03.17 - Though many of our current users have switched to Casedo v1.9 without issue, we have found several low risk bugs in the software which we think need to be fixed before this version becomes the standard release. We've therefore taken the difficult decision to put this version back into beta. If you'd like to try Casedo v1.9.0 you can download the Mac version here or download the Windows version here.


Following on from the additional colour-tagging options in the last upgrade, Casedo is delighted to announce the release of the latest software upgrade. Casedo version 1.9 offers our customers four distinct new features which each add a new element to the already feature-rich toolset.


Export individual folders and documents

Casedo has been the go-to bundling tool for many lawyers for several years, and whilst the options for exporting an entire case are strong, including complex pagination features and feature-rich Table of Contents, until now there has been some frustration at the inability to export individual files and folders without mucking about with the Index first. You no longer need to - now your can simply right click on a document or folder (in the Index or the Desk Space) and export it as you would a bundle. For more information read this article.


Casedo Casefile lock to prevent opening of a Casefile by more than one user at a time, when saved on shared storage

Most of us have more that one computer, perhaps using a desktop at work and a laptop the rest of the time. We understand this, we're happy for licence holders to have Casedo installed on more than one computer (see the EULA for details). The convenient way to work with this set up is to save your Casedo casefiles in shared folders using services such as OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, or on bespoke in-company systems.

This works well if you're the only one working on a casefile. However, until now it has been trickier with multiple users as there has been no way to know if the Casedo casefile is in use by a team member or assistant. This can lead Casedo to making multiple cloned copies of the same casefile.

To overcome this we have created a lock system that prevents a Casedo casefile being opened by more than one user concurrently, and which tells the locked-out user who is currently using the casefile. Implementation of this has necessitated a slightly different experience when Casedo is opened for the first time after installation, users now need to add contact details. To know how this new feature works in more detail read this article, and to find out how 'opening Casedo for the first time' has changed, read this.


Import failure warning

Sometimes documents won't import into Casedo as expected. Sometimes Casedo doesn't recognise the file. Whilst there are workarounds for PDFs and Word Documents, it would be great to know when this occurs, especially if you are importing multiple documents at a time. Casedo v1.9 includes a failed-to-import notification so that you know when this has happened and can take steps to fix it. For more information, take a look at this article.


Undo for moving documents in the Index and Desk Space

Whilst to date annotations can be added and removed in Casedo, mistaken movement in the Index and Desk Space on the left hand side of the Casedo workspace could not. We've now added CTRL+Z (Windows) / CMD+Z (Mac) to undo up to five movement actions in both the Index and Desk Space. This is a huge help when you accidently move a folder full of documents to the wrong place! For more information, read this.


Casedo v1.9

We feel that the above four features add substantially to Casedo's overall offer - helping people manage multiple documents in a single space, enabling them to organise, annotate, think, advise and pick up where they left off simply and easily. In addition to these obvious changes, we have improved some back end processes. This includes the basic importing feature, which is continually improving, thanks to diligent users sharing their failed document imports with us to fix.

For further details, take a look at the Release Notes.

Casedo supplies software and infrastructure for University College London Law Society Moots for 2022/2023

Following the announcement a couple of weeks ago that for the first time Casedo is partnering with the Open University Law Society for the coming academic year, Casedo is delighted to announce that for the third year in succession Casedo is partnering with the University College London Law Society (UCL Laws) for all its internal mooting needs.


As part of Casedo’s support for law students throughout the UK, UCL Laws students for next year will once again be using Casedo for every internal moot in every round. Once external moots are announced Casedo will be looking to partner for these events too.

“Our partnership with Casedo has proven incredibly fruitful in helping us familiarise the next generation of lawyers with the legal technology they will undoubtedly come across by the time they come into practice.”

“Casedo is easy to navigate and has helped us greatly reduce our carbon footprint by allowing all our mooters to create and share their case bundles virtually.”

Camilla Cerruti, UCL Law Society President 2022/2023

All Casedo software updates are included within annual and monthly subscriptions.

Casedo helps you the way you work, better. You can trial Casedo software for 30 days free of charge. To access your free trial, click here.

Casedo announces Casebank, a free legal resource for UK law students – created by law students, verified by legal professionals

Casedo is absolutely delighted to announce Casebank, a free legal resource of marked-up Casefiles for UK Law Students. In its early stages, Casebank is designed to both help law students publish online and to help others with marked-up casefiles of the law they will study whilst at university.  


Law Students study a very similar set of cases as part of their studies, wherever they study nationwide. Each Casebank case published provides a webpage including Headnote, Appellate History, references to further cases and a download link to download the marked-up Casedo Casefile. For an example, click HERE. 

Those familiar with Casedo will know that it’s a document workspace designed by lawyers for teasing out the common threads of a case. With Casebank, the user is supplied with a pre-organised case that is broken down into its constituent parts, including the key findings of fact and the issues of the case. With this a user has a pre-setup workspace in which they can hit the ground running on the case, mark it up further and / or import more documents. 

For this process to work, it needs to produce trustworthy content. To this end, current law students choose a case from a defined list that has not yet been submitted to Casebank, they then mark it up according to an agreed rubric. The marked-up file is then shared for review with a legal graduate for comments and finally reviewed by a legal professional. Once published, the name of both the submitter (Casebank Research Associate) and the reviewer (Casebank Reviewer) are published. 


“It’s early days for Casebank, but I’m thrilled it’s now up and running.  We’ve had such a positive response from many of our (Casedo) users who’ve readily volunteered to help to review the cases submitted to the website that it has given us confidence that Casebank has a strong future as a free resource for law students.” 

Jim Hitch, CEO, Casedo

OULS Casedo Logos

Casedo supplies software and infrastructure for all Open University Law Society Moots for 2022/2023

Casedo is delighted to announce that for the first time it is partnering with the Open University Law Society (OULS) to supply Casedo for all its mooting needs for the coming academic year.

As part of Casedo’s support for law students throughout the UK, OULS students for next year will use Casedo for every moot in every round, this follows the successful us of Casedo by the University College London Law Society over the last two years.

"The Open University pioneered the digitisation of legal studies with its LLB programme and as the largest student law society in Europe, the OU Law Society represents a large body of students who are passionate about improving access and efficiency in their legal research. Many of those students will shortly be practitioners of the law and as such the OULS is very excited to be partnering with Casedo, whose platform for digital legal research and precedent collation is going to prove invaluable to our very talented mooters. In supporting our mooting competitions, Casedo is helping us to expand opportunities for both OU students and law students throughout the UK. We're very grateful for their support and look forward to growing together."

Johnathan Doran, Chair of the OULS

Sustainability - We are a Living Wage Employer Logo

Living Wage Employer Announcement

As part of Casedo's recently agreed sustainability plan, with both social and environmental strands, Casedo is delighted to announce that it's now officially an accredited Living Wage employer. For our business, this means that we've made the conscious decision to ensure that our employees and contractors are paid a fair day's wage.

A study by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) found that the likelihood of those in working households being in poverty had steadily increased over the last 25 years, growing from 13 per cent in 1996-97 to 17 per cent in 2019-20. According to The Joseph Rowntree Foundation, about 56% of people living in poverty in 2018 were in a household where at least one person had a job, compared with 39% 20 years ago. Both of these reports suggest that rising levels of employment have failed to translate into higher living standards.

The real Living Wage is independently calculated every year to meet the real cost of living. Living Wage UK provides a voluntary benchmark for employers such as Casedo to ensure their staff earn a wage they can live on, not just the government minimum.

Jim Hitch, CEO at Casedo, said:

"Knowing that our team are paid fairly is extremely important to us. We believe that motivated employees are key to attracting and retaining the best talent, whilst at the same time helping us grow and be more resilient as a business. We're also delighted to have joined over 7,000 other Living Wage employers across the UK who have voluntarily ensured that they pay their employees at the very least an independently calculated fair wage."

Sustainability - Green Small Business

Green Small Business accreditation announcement

As part of their vision and commitment to becoming a sustainable business, Casedo has been accredited as a Green Small Business.

Green Small Business is an independent environmental accreditation created to help businesses manage and reduce their environmental impact by implementing an environmental management system with the aim of becoming a net-zero business.

Though sustainability has always been a core principle for the way Casedo does business, it has only recently made this a core part of its business strategy. Casedo now has an agreed Environmental (as well as Use of Transport) Policy, and will be publishing both these and its Environmental Action Plan by the end of January 2022. Environmental sustainability is one of the main strands of Casedo's overall strategy in this area, with social sustainability being the other. Regarding the latter, Casedo recently became an accredited Living Wage Employer.

According to the Carbon Majors Database, a report published by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), Just 100 companies globally have been responsible for 71% of the global greenhouse gass emissions that, since 1998, have contributed to climate change. It appears that it is business that is primarily behind emissions, not individuals.

"Sustainability has always been a part of Casedo's ethos. It is now part of our strategy. This is just the beginning of our journey; we have more exciting projects coming up."

Jim Hitch, CEO, Casedo.


Casedo v1.8 Release Announcement

Casedo is delighted to announce the launch of their latest software update. With Casedo version 1.8, our customers now have more colour options to highlights and tags, as well as the ability to set the pagination start page.


More Colour Options

We all love adding some colour to our lives. Many of us find that marking our documents helps us understand the information better. Your brain can’t store or recall a lot of information at once. Instead, it needs cues of what’s essential. Highlights are the best way to read and annotate your documents. By annotating the information into different colours, you can learn and recall information much faster.

With v1.8, there are now up to seven colours to highlight your text and tag your documents. That's almost more than twice as many colours as before! Colour tagging and highlighting colours now also match. Want to introduce some colour into your case? Get Casedo.

Before you DOWNLOAD the latest version and start exploring, there’s more.


Pagination Start Page

We understand that sometimes you may or may not have to count the table of contents into your page count in legal practice. Casedo now offers you the ability to choose what suits you best. With v1.8, you can set your pagination start page however you want. You can now include your table of contents into your pagination or start from any other number, for that matter!

Why not take a look at our support article on how to do this? Click HERE for more information.


Improved Welcome Screen

We improved our welcome screen for the new licenses. It is now much improved and clearer.

For more details, take a look at the Release Notes.


Casedo Joins Reynen Court

Casedo, the innovative document analysis and e-bundling platform is excited to announce it has joined the Reynen Court Solution Store to provide law firms with access to Casedo's document workspace solution.

Reynen Court ( provides fast, easy and secure access for law firms and in-house legal departments to discover, test, adopt and manage a wide range of legal and other tech solutions. The Reynen Court platform combines an app store-like Solution Store for legal technology along with a powerful control panel that makes it easy for law firms and legal departments to run cloud-based applications either on premises or within virtual private clouds. For solutions featured in the Reynen Court Solution Store like Casedo, Reynen Court strives to cut through the traditional slow-moving process of getting the right tools in the right hands at the right time by providing rigorous, objective content about product features and functionalities, deployment models, security postures, commercial terms and more.

“We are pleased to have Casedo become part of the Reynen Court Solution Store,” said Christian Lang, Head of Strategy for Reynen Court. “Their approach to streamlining the process of organizing case documents in a user-friendly and intuitive way resonates with our mission to remove the obstacles typically standing between lawyers and the benefits of modern technology. By featuring them in our Solution Store, we hope to help lawyers avoid senseless frustration managing the document-heavy realities of modern practice.”

"The bottleneck in the adoption of innovative new legal technologies by the very firms that will benefit most from them has traditionally been the effort and time it takes to source, test and deploy them securely. Reynen Court is solving this, and we are very excited to be a part of this solution," said Jim Hitch, Casedo CEO and Co-Founder.

With its Reynen Court partnership, Casedo’s Solution Store listing will be accessible to a global audience of legal firms that trust the software showcased on the Reynen Court platform.

With its Reynen Court partnership, Casedo’s Solution Store listing will be accessible to a global audience of legal firms that trust the software showcased on the Reynen Court platform.


About Casedo

Casedo ( is innovative technology used by hundreds of legal professionals which enables you to not only create digital court bundles with ease, but to open with a single click all the documents you need in a simple space where they can be added to, reordered and annotated.

Media Enquiries at Casedo

+44 203 637 9270


About Reynen Court

Reynen Court Inc. ( makes it fast, easy and secure for law firms and in-house legal departments to discover, test, adopt and manage new legal service technologies. The platform enables firms to run cloud-based applications either on premises or within virtual private clouds under their own control—thus giving access to modern software solutions without requiring a sacrifice of security or stability.

Media Enquiries at Reynen Court

+1 212 945 8563 / +31 8 506 440 05


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Casedo v1.7 Release Announcement

Innovative case preparation tool and e-bundling platform, Casedo, is delighted to announce the launch of their latest software update. With Casedo version 1.7, solicitors and barristers can easily import emails and their attachments into a Casedo file and organise their case analysis using improved colour coding of folders, documents, and bookmarks.


Nested Emails

We have all been in the position when an instructing client or solicitor sends a wealth of resources for you in one email. Within that email, there are historic emails each with their own vast array of attachments. It can be a maze to negotiate and before you know it, you’ve lost hours making sense of a constant parade of emails and attachments. It can be confusing, time consuming and above all it is costing you time and money.

No more.

With Casedo 1.7, you can import the original email and all email, PDF and document attachments will also be imported.

Before you DOWNLOAD the latest version and start exploring, there’s more.


It’s like a rainbow

For those of you who like to inject a little colour into your cases, in addition to the colourful highlight options, you can now colour code your documents, bookmarks and folders. Some of our dedicated users who have trialled version 1.7 for us have used the colour coding differently. One colour for witness statements, another for letters and some used the colours to highlight what evidential documents support the client’s position, which are neutral, and which refute their position. Want to introduce some colour into your case? Get Casedo.


“Nested emails are the bane of my professional existence and personally, I have already saved so much time and effort using version 1.7 and the colour coding has been a huge advantage too. I am so glad to share our time saving innovations with our users and the wider legal community”

Ross Birkbeck, Founder of Casedo and Barrister.


All Casedo software updates, including Version 1.7, are included within annual and monthly subscriptions.


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Casedo joins Calico

Whether it’s the vaccination programme, the improving health statistics or just the fact that it’s now British Summer Time, there certainly seems to be a bit more of a spring in everyone's step.


Calico Legal Solutions Group is enjoying a further bounce with the addition of a new Associate member – Casedo. Led by barrister Ross Birkbeck, Casedo is an organisational tool created to streamline legal analysis and court bundle creation, reducing the case preparation burden and creating more time for higher-value activities.


Ross said: “We’re very excited to be joining the Calico family. It’s rare to find an organisation that so effectively cuts through the market and allows lawyers to access the right tools, services and advice with confidence”


Calico founder Pauline Freegard is delighted to welcome the new member:

“What’s really interesting to me is that for all the talk of digital and modernisation and efficiency that we’ve had over the past, say, decade, there is still plenty of opportunity to improve, whether that’s through dramatic breakthrough innovation or simply better engineered solutions that deliver incremental gains. We’re very much looking forward to supporting Casedo and taking their message to the Calico community.”


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Casedo v1.6 Release Announcement

Casedo is delighted to launch it’s first software update of 2021 to the Casedo community and the wider legal world.


Casedo version 1.6 introduces the following much requested features:

  • The ability to rotate individual pages and whole documents
  • You can now delete individual pages with ease
  • When exporting to PDF the Table of Contents will be hyperlinked to the relevant documents, in accordance with standard Court directions
  • The power to multi-select documents


We have also increased loading speeds again, and squished some bugs.

“The Casedo Community is at the heart of all our software development, as we work collaboratively to make their professional lives easier. As the founder and designer, I am delighted to share the new version which includes some simple but hugely time saving improvements.”

Ross Birkbeck, Founder of Casedo and Barrister.


You can see Ross demonstrating the features (in just 90 seconds) HERE.

All Casedo software updates, including Version 1.6, are included within annual and monthly subscriptions.

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Casedo v1.6 New Features

Why not read more about this on Legal Futures? Click HERE for more.

Change at Casedo

Following an amazing year of client growth and investment in software innovation, Casedo is delighted to announce the appointment of Scottish lawyer Katie McKenna as the new Marketing and Engagement Director. In the newly created role, Katie will provide strategic oversight to enable the continued growth of Casedo and increase client engagement.


Katie is a Scottish lawyer with a wealth of experience working in the legal market and a niche specialism in supporting and advising her fellow lawyers on everything from setting up a firm, social media, and marketing training to promoting and maintaining Wellbeing.

Katie McKenna said “I am passionate about making the legal sector a better place to work for everyone. From embracing technology to make our professional lives simpler to facilitating honest and open conversations about the impact our work has on our mental health”.

Katie is a Scottish qualified mental health first aider and was instrumental in the creation of the Law Society of Scotland’s Lawscot Wellbeing initiative – a resource to highlight and promote mental health awareness in the profession. Katie completed her legal traineeship at McClure Naismith LLP in 2008 before joining business development team at Harper Macleod and going on to lead the Compensate Personal Injury Network at Digby Brown LLP. Latterly, she was the Head of High Street Member Engagement at the Law Society of Scotland providing support to sole practitioners, high street firms and local faculties across the whole of Scotland.

“Katie’s stellar experience and reputation as well as her dedication to innovation and technology made her the perfect choice for Casedo. I look forward to seeing what we can achieve together in 2021” -  Ross Birkbeck, Founder of Casedo and Barrister at Old Square Tax Chambers.

Created by a lawyer, for lawyers, Casedo streamlines legal analysis and revolutionises the process of creating a court bundle.

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Casedo v1.5 Release Announcement

We're delighted to announce the release of the latest version of Casedo.


Casedo v1.5 is a technical release that provides markedly improved speed and greater user support.


Improved Speed

With the new Casedo v.1.5, we've not only added some exciting features, but we've also increased the speed of the application significantly.

Upgrading to Casedo v1.5 nets you an average of:

120% faster importing documents
50% faster scrolling and switching between documents
30% faster search


Better user support

We've added a new feature called 'Application Data' located in the 'Help' menu. Using this feature you can:

  • Check your license key and registered email details
  • Reset your user data
  • Email your user data to the Casedo team so that we can better assist you with any issues you might be experiencing.  As laid out in HERE, we have no access to the data within your documents, only personal data pertinent to being able to contact you and identify you as a legitimate user of our software. We also collect anonimised user data.

For more information on how this feature works, follow this link.