Casedo Beta

It was great, now we have even better

Casedo Beta (v0.18.0 & v0.18.1) will no longer be supported from 31st December 2019.

If you want to make the most out of Casedo and get full support in calls and free demonstrations, please upgrade to the release version of Casedo and take advantage of new features including Word document import and importing one casefile into another.

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The Casedo Beta has now ended

Casedo was launched in Autumn 2019 after a year in beta. If you have a beta license you are welcome to continue to use it as before. However, the release version of the application contains a variety of new features worth checking out with a free trial!

Hundreds of professionals use Casedo

More than 700 legal professionals from 400 companies registered for the Casedo Beta. They worked on more than 1,100 cases and logged more than 70,000 annotations on those cases. And with the new version they will be able to get even more achieved.

Want to join the Casedo revolution?

The Casedo Beta is now officially closed as we get ready for launch. The new version pushes your productivity by letting you import more documents and manipulate them within the application. If you can't wait until we release version 1.0, fill in the form below and we'll see what we can do.