Author: Katie McKenna

Take a digital detox

Digital Detox

Casedo is a tech company, and so more than most we can suffer from 'overtech' and find that we spend most of our time on screens, gadgets and other 'labour-saving'...

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Person holding a rainbow of coloured vegetables to illustrate that you are what you eat

You are what you eat.

Katie McKenna delves into what we're all made of: In my case, I must be chocolate.  In all honesty, our reality is driven by what we consume daily and I’m not...

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Casedo joins Calico

Whether it’s the vaccination programme, the improving health statistics or just the fact that it’s now British Summer Time, there certainly seems to be a bit more of a spring...

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Casedo extends free trial period

Casedo, the innovative document workplace for the legal profession, has increased the period of their free trial by 200%. You can now benefit from all the amazing features for a...

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Casedo v1.6 Release Announcement

We’re delighted to announce the release of the latest version of Casedo. Casedo v1.6 is a feature release that adds several new features as well as further speed improvements....

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