“Just a quick email to say what a pleasure it is to work with Casedo, it is so well designed.  Everything I’ve needed to do with my authorities bundle is right there, ready.  I even began a support ticket to you, then checked the questions page and it was all right there.  Just marvellous.”

Rosie Scott, Barrister, 39 Essex Chambers

Understand your brief

Gather, organise, and understand your client’s problem faster than ever.

Analyse a problem

Marshal complex and interconnected source materials to reach accurate conclusions.

Research your essay

Move swiftly and effortlessly through the information relevant to what you need to say.

Use for Moot Competitions

Build your moot competition using Casedo's unique moot infrastructure.

Build a court bundle

Build court-compliant e-bundles in minutes.

Prepare a meeting pack

Run better organised and more productive meetings.

“I have only been using Casedo for a few days but it has already transformed the way I work. An outstanding piece of software and incredibly easy to use.”

Ed Levey KC, Fountain Court



No commitment or training required

1. Sign up now

Full access to Casedo with a free 30 day trial.

2. Watch the introductory video

Everything you need to get started with Casedo.

3. Follow the four-step plan

Work faster using our simple four-step process.

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“Casedo is excellent software and makes documents very easy to deal with.”

Rory Mullan KC, Old Square Tax Chambers

The Casedo four-step plan

Once you’ve installed Casedo, hit the ground running with our four step plan & you’ll transform the way you work.

Graphic of a female lawyer with six arms multitasking

1. Create a Casedo casefile for every new piece of work

Whether it's law, academic research or a project, everytime you start a discreet piece of work, create a new Casedo casefile for it.

2. Read everything in Casedo

As new relevant documents are received, add them to the Casedo casefile immediately, and read them in Casedo.

3. Mark up your documents as you read

As you read add comments, highlights, bookmarks and two-way links to the documents. Have you ever wished you could add comments to emails? You can in Casedo.

4. Organise and rename as you go

As more documents are adding to your Casedo casefile, rename & organise them as you add them. That way you'll always know where you are with your papers.

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Casedo Case Studies: find out how Casedo is transforming work

“Casedo makes a profound difference to working on long-running, document-heavy litigation. Open your Casedo file and you have all of your previous analysis at your fingertips plus the flexibility to add, remove and rearrange documents and notes easily as the litigation develops.

I wouldn’t want to be without it on any case.”

Charlotte Beynon, Barrister, Serle Court Chambers

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